Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Sam's Tale:
I keep asking my mom - in my own language of course - "Hey, Mom, where are your priorities????  You have not updated our blog all summer!!!"  So finally, tonight she updated the computer with our pictures and now I can finally tell you what is going on with Lolo and me.  
      It has been a busy summer but so fun!!  Lolo has been on all my summer adventures.......we went to a cabin in the mountains for 4th of July, to some garden concerts, to Yellowstone and the Grand Teton Parks in an RV, and next weekend rock climbing in Idaho.  None of this travel rattles Lolo one bit and she helps me travel when I get a little tired.  Lolo didn't like the waves too much- I did but it was really cold this year.  She did like the running in the warm shallow water at Bear Lake.  She was really funny chasing a ball through the water.  I am glad she likes water sometimes because I love swimming especially in warm water!  Yesterday, she really helped me at my friend's birthday party.  We all had the chance to bang on the pinata.  That doesn't always work out too well for me.  My sis, Sarah helped give it a few bangs and My Lolo helped me pick up all the yummy candy.  Finally, I can get to that candy now!!  Lolo accidentally punctured a Pixie Stick and it went all over - I thought that was so funny!
      Yesterday, our pet dog Napa died.  We were all very sad.  I was glad Lolo was around to keep us happy. Without Napa, my mom wouldn't have tried to get Lolo for me.  I always smiled and cried less  when Napa was around.  Napa had long hair and I loved to pet her.  Mom realized that a special dog could really help me.  Napa was old but I am really going to miss her! 
     School starts on Tuesday.  It will be fun to see all my friends again but I will miss Lolo when I am at school.  I will try to bug Mom to keep our tales updated!

Amy's Tale:
     I am so sorry for the long delay in telling our tales.  It has been a busy and fun summer.  Lolo has been such a great addition to our family.  Her personality continues to reveal herself.   It seems when she is not too sure about whether she wants to do a command, she looks at me like - "Are you absolutely sure!" before following it dutifully.  She is sleeping with Sam every night and we have enjoyed the benefits of that - REM and on occasion, a full night's sleep!  Sam is also so much happier when he wakes to Lolo's face and kisses.  
     She traveled like a champ even with a few airline delays.  She met many, many friends and relatives.  They all wanted to keep Lolo for their own and loved talking to Sam about her.  None of them could pet her without Sam giving the A-ok!  The wildlife in Yellowstone (from afar) didn't faze her either.  
     Sam likes involving Lolo in his therapy (play).  He has been trying to ride a bike and is much more motivated to propel it when Lolo is the motivator (or will give him a tug!).  
     It is very sad for us to lose Napa - our family companion for 12 years.  She was such a great dog that embraced every family change.  She was great with the kids, gave us love during hard times, and embraced family additions.  In the short time they were together, she and Lolo became very comfortable with each other.  Napa even tried to play with Lolo a couple of times. Lolo has been very attentive to all of us since yesterday.
     School begins soon and hopefully a little more - or different structure.  Maybe, some more time to keep the blog updated!