Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sam's Tale:
Mom and I had to go through our testing today.  I think we did ok because Lolo was on her best behavior again!  I was wiped out during the public certification testing at the mall - plus I just hate malls.  I am ready to come home with Lolo and see Daddy, Sarah, Napa, and PawPaw.  We learned how to have Lolo meet Napa.  I think Napa will like her but I don't think Napa will be allowed to eat our dinner leftovers any more!!

Amy's Tale:
I am also wiped out after a day of testing but relieved to have it over.  I think we did well enough to pass.  I was so afraid that after all of this travel and work that I was going to let down Sam and not pass the tests.  We enjoyed a nice meal out with a few of the families and made gifts for the puppy raisers we will meet on Saturday.  I am also ready to come home - just wish we could blink and that 11 hour drive would be done.


Michelle Hagen said...

Sam & Amy & Lolo:
Congratulations! Testing and all of the challenges of the past two weeks have been met. I am in tears every day when I read about your adventures. Thank you so much for sharing them. I will be thinking about you at graduation. What a great day. Have a safe trip home.
Michelle, Rachel & Gerda

Laura said...

Your journey is truly an inspiration for we mere mortals! We are so happy for you Sam and Amy. Lolo is very fortunate to have found you to love and nurture. Can't wait to meet Lolo and see her strut her stuff. Have a safe trip home. Our love to all. Laura and Kurt

Michael said...

Sam, Amy and Lolo!!!!!!!!
Beautiful little dog, beautiful sentiments, and Sam looks fantastic. Hope Lolo likes horses. We'll introduce her to Sam's Therapy horse after the summer.
Mike Cohen