Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Sam's Tale:
We took Lolo to Petco today to buy her toys and stuff.  She really likes the squeaky squishy ball in the CCI play yard.  We bought her a squishy green ball and a toy called "King Kong".  I know she will love it!!!  We also got her a fluffy bed so she won't want to sleep on Napa's.

Amy's Tale:
Food is not hard to come by here!  The awesome volunteers have fed us a hearty lunch every day most of them are also puppy raisers or breeders so we have learned all about the program from the birth of the dog on!!  Incredible!!!  During Sam's and Lolo's graduation, there will also be puppy's going to their raisers from breeders and we will be able to meet Lolo'a puppy raiser!    


Smiley Riley said...

Hi Sammie,
I think it's incredible that you're getting another dog! Especially a special one like Lolo. You're probably pumped for the reunion at the beach, because I'm pumped to see your dog there. Will she get to ride on the plane with us too? You'll have to let me know when it's ok to play with her, I know she has to do her job too.
Can't wait to teach her how to boogie board---she sounds amazing, she can probably do almost anything!
Love, cousin Riley

Sherrie said...

What a cool dog! I love the pictures and stories. You have done a great job and your mom has been an awesome team player. Good job Amy! I hope Lolo loves horses as much as you do. I can't wait to meet her when we ride my horses this summer. Have a safe trip home!
Hugs, Sherrie

Lisa Mitchell said...

That is so awesome that Lolo can get you all fixed up in your walker so you can keep going. It sounds like she is going to help you with all kinds of cool stuff. I went to your house last night, Sarah was sick but doing alright, and your dad and grandpa were working hard out back. I miss you!

Sam said...

I just read the stories about your dog -- she sounds awesome, can't wait to meet her. Sounds like you've had lots of things to learn while in California. I'm so proud of you.
Sam (Wheatley)

Great news about this adventure.