Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Walk or Ride??

Sam's Tale
Guess what?  When I am "stuck" in my walker and can't move, Lolo will tug on the front of it and help me get in the right position to move my feet again.  But I was thinking.......why doesn't she just tug me to where I want to go??  Hmmm, we'll have to work on that.

Amy's Tale
Thank you all for your comments!!  I read them to Sam and he smiles and laughs. 
Today we went down to the Harbor to practice our skills in public.  Lolo and Sam were once again on their best behavior ignoring all smell, animal, and people distractions.  At one point Lolo did get spooked at something - we couldn't figure out what.  Instead of staying by the wheelchair, she quickly hugged my leg and proceeded with caution.  She also likes to step "around" bird poop on the ground and not dare put her paw on it.  What a little lady!  It was fun to see her tug at Sam's walker to get him in position and then when he reached her, she stood on the lower rim of the walker and gave him some praise. He loved it!!!
We are ramping up for our upcoming public certification test, our written exam, and final performance evaluation.  Hope all goes well!!


Anonymous said...


We love seeing pictures of you and Lolo playing together.

Now that Cousin Julia is pregnant, sometimes I think I have become her Lolo.

Love to your Mom, Dad, and Sarah.
See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sammie,
I hope you get this, Aunt Beth is having LOTS of trouble using the computer these days. I need to take classes to learn new things too.
We are so proud of you, your Mom, and Lolo. We keep sending your blog to all our friends. Some of them even send it to their friends too. Your adventure is keeping us all in smiles :)
We can't wait to be with you and your new little sis Lolo.
Kisses & hugs,
Aunt Beth, Uncle Jon, Kenzie, Jack, & Riley

Michelle Hagen said...

Lolo sounds wonderful! What a miracle dog! I can see by looking at the pictures that she loves you. Rachel and her dog, Gerda, say hello. They are both so happy for you and Lolo to have each other. Tell your Mom we're thinking about all of you. She, you, and Lolo are going to do just great on the public access test. Have fun at graduation.
Michelle, Rachel & Gerda